Fic search???

I don't really know the rules to this com., but I have been looking for a certain fanfiction for quite a while.  I don't think it was posted on fanfiction. net.  It was Collin/Ephram and when it comes out that they are 'dating', everyone assumes that Ephram pushed himself on poor Colin and that Colin didn't know any better.  Que Ephram being ostracized and Andy deciding a trip to Denver is in order.  They come back from Denver and from what I remember everything works out.  If anyone knows what this is, I would really appreciate it.
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Bright fic?

I notice we seem to have lost our community maintainer. That's too bad.

But anyway, the reason I'm posting, is that I was way late to the party in watching Parks and Recreation. I didn't know Chris Pratt was in it! It's so good to see him again! Unfortunately, it's spurred my craving for Bright-related fanfic and revived a plot bunny I've never been able to write or find something similar to read.

I've never been able to really let go of the episode where Bright won't use Colin as an excuse for his failures and when he's arguing with Harold about whether or not he can get to college without sports, Harold belts out "Because you're not SMART ENOUGH!" Of course, you know the moment he said it he regretted it, and I loved the way it all played out, but I'd be really interested in a story where it kind of pushed Bright over the edge and he leaves Everwood without a word, moves to Denver and is just really low until becoming a paramedic and starting a new life before running into the Abbots while on the job and rekindling a relationship.

Yeah, I'm probably going to have to write it. Or just keep imagining it. That works, too.


Yes, it's so awesome to find other Everwood fans!  I don't know that many people who love this show as much as I do so I am so super stoked!  =)

Everwood book

Hi guys!
I just found out about a new book with Everwood characters. But it's on German. So, if you know German and you can get it, go for it.
More about it here on Amazon.
I miss Everwood like crazy...


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