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JUNE 16, 2009


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Everwood - 2nd Season DVDs ANNOUNCED: Date, Cost, Specs and Package Art!

Fans can finally get this in mid-June (almost five years since the first season set's release)
Posted by David Lambert

We told you last July to expect it...the studio confirmed it in September...and now, after an almost 5-year wait, the day has come: Everwood - The Complete 2nd Season is officially ANNOUNCED!

Dr. Andrew "Andy" Brown (Treat Williams - "Hair," "Prince of the City") led a comfortable existence in New York City with his family and a lucrative practice as a world-renowned neurosurgeon - until fate took his loving spouse from him and changed his life forever. After his wife's death, Dr. Brown moved his young daughter and wayward teenage son to a small, out-of-the-way burg nestled deep in the Colorado mountains. It's where old-fashioned healing counts more than surgical statistics...where folks are just as quirky as they please...where a grieving heart can breathe free and mend itself. And it's the place where Dr. Brown can become the kind of doctor - and father - his wife would have wanted him to be. It all happens in a town called Everwood.

This morning Warner Home Video has formally revealed that Everwood - The Complete 2nd Season is coming to DVD on June 16th. This 6-disc set running 968 minutes will include all 22 hour-long episodes, presented in widescreen video and English stereo sound. Subtitles are in French and Spanish. No word yet on what extras, if any, would be included. The cost will be $39.98 SRP. Here is the episode list and package art of this long-awaited, highly anticipated release!

1. The Last of Summer
2. Extra Ordinary
3. My Brother's Keeper
4. East Meets West
5. Daddy's Little Girl
6. Blind Faith
7. Three Miners from Everwood
8. Burden of Truth
9. Just Like in the Movies
10. Unhappy Holidays
11. Family Dynamics
12. Controlling Interest
13. Forget Me Not
14. No Sure Thing
15. The L Word
16. Unspoken Truths
17. Unfinished Business
18. Last Looks
19. Sick
20. Do or Die
21. Your Future Awaits
22. The Day Is Done

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