Louie (bwayboogiewooge) wrote in everwood,

Answer to the question....

Will Everwood's Ephram Be Eli Stone's Last Client? | Original post (Dated 12/08/08)

Ephram wasn't Eli Stone's last client, but he did make a short cameo in the final episode. It may have lasted all of 5 minutes or so but it was nice to see Gregory Smith again in a Greg Berlanti production, even if it wasn't as Ephram Brown.
It was disappointing that ABC just dumped the last three episodes of Eli Stone (as well as the final episodes of Pushing Daisies) on a Saturday night at the end of the season without much fanfare. I am curious as to what their ratings were in that time slot. And if the fans were even aware that they were airing.

Anyone else see it?
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